Main Services of our Society are

  • Accepting Deposits from the members
  • Promotion of House Site and flat Housing Schemes
Salient Features
  • The plots are located in a well planned area covering adequate Sweet drinking Water Supply, Sanitation, Electricity and other civic amenities including well connected Transportation services to and from various areas and Extensions in and around Bangalore.
  • The layout is spread over a wide area and expanding with broad and interconnecting roads connecting the plots.
  • As per Government approval, the layout is provided with spaces for Parks, Shops, Community centre, Playground, Hospital Medical Shops and other Public utility services.
The Society is being lead by a dedicated management with a team of enthusiastic and hard working people with the assistance of a managing committee and a paid Secretary.

While developing the colony, the Society had constructed the internal roads and installed street light poles with wires. It also constructed underground drainage system and laid underground pipeline for supply of drinking water, which were rare in those days.